About the Craftsman

Personalized Approach

John Mandl is the owner and master craftsman of Against the Grain - Woodworking & Design, LLC, established in 1996 in Chicago.  John gained his knowledge of woodworking by completing a formal apprenticeship in fine woodworking, in which he studied architectural drafting and design, "old world" joinery, modern machinery techniques, and the craft of accentuating wood's natural grain. He is well versed in AutoCAD drafting and has taken computer-aided design, drafting and woodworking classes from various design institutions.

Since moving to Colorado, many things have changed in John's life. The two biggest changes were his two wonderful children which seemed to take up more of his time than he anticipated. Well, the kids are growing and the wood shop is buzzing once again with creative energy. Browse through the gallery and give John a call when you are ready to have that one-of-a-kind heirloom designed to fit your taste and space, exactly.